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KA1808 CIRQUE - Chandeliers

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This gorgeous art deco chandelier features dozens of floating, hand-blown glass bubbles which refract and shape light in glittering combinations. An open and airy design, combined with sturdy stainless steel makes a chandelier that truly stands apart. Rows of glass spheres "float inches deep down from the mounting plate on thin wires, transforming the glass chandelier into an eye-catching work of art. Attract attention, provoke emotion to the imagination with games of light and matter. Such as the ambition and the creative spark of the “Cirque Chandelier” style. Since each chandelier is made to order, you can specify the colors and shapes that go into each piece. In addition, it's available in multi-color for a colorful and vibrant look as well! Finally, the lamp is equipped with a long metal cable to ensure just the right placement of this unique and compliment accompanying fixture. It's a simplistic layout and beautiful contemporary balance is truly something to cherish.


Collection: Commercial
Size: 84” Length x 60” Width x 369” Height (Custom sizes also available)
Extension: Adjustable rods come in connectable segments customizable up to 12 ft
Shape: Pendants
Frame Finish: Brushed Bronze (Different finish options available at no additional cost)
Materials: Hand-blown glass, Bronze
Weight: 88 lbs
Bulbs: 20W xenon long-life lamps or 1.8W LED
Assembly: Partly Assembled
Dimmer Switch Compatible: Optional
Shipping: LTL
Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to the total
Regular Lead Time: 6-10 Weeks
Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes replacement parts)


59” Length x 42” Width x Up to 12' Feet Height$4,672.00
71” Length x 51” Width x Up to 12' Feet Height$6,570.00
84” Length x 60” Width x Up to 12' Feet Height$8,410.00
97” Length x 69” Width x Up to 12' Feet Height$9,455.00
109” Length x 78” Width x Up to12' Feet Height$12,844.00

Shipping: USPS 3-5 days

80H x 60W x 60D in88 lb

Item KA1808 CIRQUE
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