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Created and Sold by MZPA Design

MZPA Design
Planet Chair | Chairs by MZPA Design
Image credit: Interior Design - VYMIR
Planet Chair | Chairs by MZPA Design
Planet Chair | Chairs by MZPA Design
Planet Chair | Chairs by MZPA Design
Planet Chair | Chairs by MZPA Design
Planet Chair | Chairs by MZPA Design
Planet Chair | Chairs by MZPA Design

Planet Chair

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The Planet is a creative approach to the boundaries of your personal space, a totally new level of comfort work in the office.

We used to work in limited and measured space. Tight bee cell of a divided office where we endeavor to promote development and create our future.

Creating this product we tried to find own point of harmony and interaction with each other in the office. We were searching for an interior design solution that would give a boost to unfold our inner space and inspire to generate unique ideas dividing our mind from the bustle and noise of the surrounding world.

The Planet - an innovative solution for co-working and open-spaces. It brings together minimalism and comfort in an eye-catching and clever design. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, MZPA provides a sophisticated take on a furniture design.

The Planet can substitute the personal office and even a personal relax zone. It is great for the moments when you need to stay alone, gather your thoughts and focus attention on the task, take your mind off the office bustle, switch yourself and have a cup of coffee alone.

While designing The Planet we took into account the needs of our co-workers and devised a multifunctional and comfortable place with distinctive look and feel. An ergonomic mattress and such additional conveniences as a storage pocket, led-lamp - make The Planet a true stand-alone station for work and leisure.

The basis of The Planet is a constructor made up of triangular segments and fastenings. The Planet has a distinctive personality that makes it stand out among other modern designs. A sophisticated example of contemporary armchair design, The Planet blends clean lines with complementing materials in a creative way.

A perfect complement of the decor with refined and minimalist aesthetics.

Interior designed by VYMIR

Item Planet Chair
Created by MZPA Design
As seen in Private Residence, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine
MZPA Design
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
We are the Ukrainian furniture brand, placed in Kyiv. We started with the individual items and now we develop complete collections in cooperation with designers and architects. Together we create a homey atmosphere, with warm colors and touchable materials. Because we honestly believe that furniture is not only “that we see”, but it is mainly about “how we feel”.