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Created and Sold by Makr

Fixed Studio Work Stool | Chairs by Makr
Image credit: Casey Dunn
Fixed Studio Work Stool | Chairs by Makr
Fixed Studio Work Stool | Chairs by Makr

Fixed Studio Work Stool - Chairs

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“Fixed Studio Work Stool” inside the dreamy Austin home.

Item Fixed Studio Work Stool
Created by Makr
As seen in Private Residence, Austin, TX
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
MAKR is a design studio and product manufacturer founded by Jason Gregory in 2007. The studio works across a wide range of scales and disciplines, from soft goods and leather accessories, to product design, furniture, and interior architecture. Taking an industrial approach to craft, Makr began simply with a goal to create long-lasting designs with carefully considered details and construction techniques. By this process, products are continually refined over time—rather than in response to a market calendar or set schedule—and introduced as they reach a level of quality and utility.

This kind of meditative deliberation is evident in the details of the studio’s work. Shelving units find an elegant simplicity in spare joinery details inspired by Japanese woodworking, while small leather goods are patterned with architectural precision and meticulously stitched by hand. Each Makr design is the result of a rigorous process that values quality, refinement, and simplicity as necessary traits for an object of everyday use. A hardy, Smyth-sewn notebook, a heavy duck-cotton tote, and a wood-and-steel stool are among the common items made by Makr with attention and care. These handcrafted details forge a dialogue between the designer, maker, and user, and often, a sense of community. Reflecting the studio’s commitment to socially responsible labor practices, all Makr products are made in the United States, with the majority of work being done within 100 miles of the studio.