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Created and Sold by Florian Schmid

Florian Schmid

Claretta Chairs

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Claretta chairs by Florian Schmid in Bergen airport.

Claretta is all grown-up, and has inevitably gained a few kilos. Nothing to worry about, don't pull that face if we call it Bold. It is big, voluptuous, and we like it that way. The slender expression of past years, which we viewed with tenderness, has now grown more sculptural and decisive. It has the loud voice of a protagonist, and is perhaps even a little self-centred. But we prefer to call it charismatic. It is dressed in new fabrics: velvet for elegant situations and “sponge” when it wants to stand out from the crowd. It fits beautifully with the tables, and is stackable.
Material: Ash, walnut, oak, - fabrics, leather

Dimension: 58 x 45 x 80 cm

Year: 2017


Item Claretta Chairs
Created by Florian Schmid