Custom Iron Stools

Chairs by Ferrous Studios Inc. seen at Comal, Berkeley - Custom Iron Stools
Custom iron stools by Ferrous Studios in Richmond, CA, feature designs created with a branding iron by American sculptor John Bisbee.
Interior Design By Studio KDA

Meet the Creator

"Custom Ornamental Ironwork in the Bay Area.
It starts with an idea... a conversation, a photograph, a sketch, a detail teased from a set of drawings. Ferrous is a true collaborator in the design process. They help develop look and feel. They find ways to refine process. They listen to their clients and keep them in the loop. Ferrous design/fabrication studio is spacious enough to produce large runs and boasts the technologies necessary to produce meticulous prototypes. The designers and metal artisans wield a critical eye, extensive knowledge of materials and fabrication processes, and an enthusiasm for tackling challenging projects. It ends with a realized object of beauty and functionality."

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