Ceramic Plates by Mieke Cuppen seen at Bistrobar Berlin, Nijmegen - Gastro Rectangular plate
Ceramic Plates by Mieke Cuppen seen at Bistrobar Berlin, Nijmegen - Gastro Rectangular plate
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Item Gastro Rectangular plate
Created by Mieke Cuppen


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GASTRO Rectangular Plate
Material: stoneware
Colour: grey crackled
Size: 32 x 16 cm / 12.6 x 6.3 inch
Packaging Unit: 3 Pcs.
This product is part of GASTRO collection that contains over 40 items. An overview and price list is available. Just send me a message to receive it!

A grey stoneware plate, with a rectangular, organic shape, part of the Gastro service. Distinctive because of its grey crackled glaze. The crackle is caused by the difference in expansion between clay and glaze, which causes small cracks in the glaze layer. This gives the plates extra depth.

This plate is part of the Gastro tableware collection, developed in close collaboration with master chef Ron Blaauw. Ron is the home consultant for Bistrobar Berlin, established in Nijmegen where these gorgeous shots were made. The collection is available internationally for both consumers and professional clients.

The material is stoneware, in terms of strength this material sits between porcelain and earthenware. The crackled glaze gives it its distinct aesthetic; it also makes it a bit more sensitive to chipping compared to solid glazes.
The service is dishwasher and microwave safe. It is used at a wide range of establishments: from gastro pub to Michelin star restaurant.

Meet the Creator

Mieke Cuppen

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Mieke Cuppen

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tableware only really gets its value through its use. My designs are used in restaurants and homes internationally, that's what I love about being a tableware designer.

In my role as a designer, I work with tableware companies and design brands that are on the lookout for innovation and style in their products. My work is like a blank canvas, it interacts with the user and the chef, who is challenged to new forms of presentation and application.
My studio was established in 2009 following completion of my studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven and is located in Delfshaven in Rotterdam.