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Created and Sold by Hamilton Holmes

Hamilton Holmes

Shoreman's Bench - Benches & Ottomans

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The flagship product of the Hamilton Holmes studio--The Shoreman's Bench --has been exhibited and is sold in finer showrooms in Toronto and New York City.
The bench combines luxurious artisanal handwork work with minimal contemporary design. The legs join to the rails in a 3-way joint that allows for a lightweight but strong frame, onto which the Danish paper cord is handwoven . It is produced in studio, in small numbered batches of 12.
47" long x 18" deep x 19" tall

Item Shoreman's Bench
Created by Hamilton Holmes
As seen in Private Residence, Hamilton, Canada
Hamilton Holmes
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
History and tradition through a Contemporary perspective.

Nicholas Hamilton Holmes runs a studio that practices traditional artisanal techniques in unique and contemporary ways. Material knowledge and craft, technical skill, and human labour run deep in the studio and give the designer the ability to make anything.
Holmes focuses on blending traditional techniques with contemporary forms in interesting ways, and this has created a design language that is both of the past and future. Tradition dictates that what has proven itself in the past should be carried forward and thus transformed by contemporary needs and desires.

The studio produces a variety of works for different purposes. Working in close relationships, Holmes produces bespoke pieces of furniture specific to client’s needs. He also produces a growing number of furniture and art products that are sold in showrooms and online all over North America and Europe. The past two years have seen Holmes experiment with sculpture--using known techniques to produce work that is not always useful, and sometimes useless. This experimental side of the studio producing art and design objects has been widely accepted by the design oriented public and will continually be an outlet for the designer.

Holmes lives with his young family and works in downtown Hamilton, Ontario where art and design are staples in urban development.