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Union Denver by Holland Partners delivers respite in a centralized, historic transit-oriented hub. An apartment building housing nearly 600 units, Union Denver took inspiration from modern boutique hotels, nearby rail yards, and historic Union Station.
The art collection gives communal spaces their own distinct moods. Each of the three lobbies has a unique theme — one showcases modern urban sophistication, one focuses on the natural world and features a vibrant living wall, and one is comfortable and contemporary featuring wood accents and fiber art. In comparison, the artwork in the amenity and lounge areas supports a lively atmosphere, including light installations by Dylan Mortimer, bright wall murals by Jaime Molina and contemporary compositions by Peter Yumi.
By incorporating the comfortable luxury that boutique hotels provide, Union Denver grabs attention and provides familiarity. With unmatched amenities and community gathering spaces, Union Denver gives residents an urban living experience unlike any other in Denver.

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Created by NINE dot ARTS
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