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Art Curation

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NINE dot ARTS took Chicago’s architecture, specifically the skyscraper and its representation of power and refined structure, as the primary inspiration for the Ritz-Carlton Chicago art collection. With the hotel’s proximity to the MCA, the art reflects and appeals to Chicago’s sophisticated art community. NINE dot ARTS paired works by modern artists Ellsworth Kelly and Roy Lichtenstein with contemporary artist Matt Devine on the ground floor. Kelly’s Dark Grey Curve in the shape of an onyx fan calls to mind the steel of a skyscraper while the material of Devine’s Cradle directly references the metal structures of a building. Meanwhile, Lichtenstein’s Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior reference the bold lines that dominate skyscraper design. Roxy Paine’s Mycellium 3 investigates tensions, specifically the tension between the man-made and the natural, and encapsulates the very essence of beautiful power. The dynamic angles of the figure’s pose in Roger Reutimann’s Perception #1 speak to the angular engineering of skyscrapers. Andrew Hayes’ mixed media wall sculptures juxtapose metallic building materials with organic lines and the delicacy of paper to create unusual yet provocative forms that beg for deeper investigation from the viewer. The complex, folded, paper geometry of Matt Shlian’s Ara 177 Variant 1 relates to the mind-bending engineering feats of some of Chicago’s best-known buildings. Clarissa Bonet’s Caught in the Storm examines the physical and psychological aspects of the urban environment. The glittering moment owes it presence to the windows reflecting sunlight onto the scene. The figure using a newspaper as a shield against the elements speaks to the at-time harsh realities of the city. In the spa, the lines and texture of Rachel Doniger’s cut-paper works mesmerize and delight the eye with their intricate cuts and folds, mimicking the repeated geometry of a skyscraper’s exterior. As a whole, the collection timelessly imbues luxury and sophistication through the juxtaposition of modern art masters with contemporary artists that celebrate Chicago’s architectural mastery.

Item Art Curation
Created by NINE dot ARTS
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