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Art Curation

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NINE dot ARTS worked with Sage Hospitality and BMC Investments to create an art collection infused with cultivated, warm elegance for Cherry Creek’s Halcyon hotel. Inspired by the original definition of the word – tranquil, prosperous, joyful – NINE dot ARTS developed an art program that enlivens the environment with the relaxed hospitality of a well-traveled friend. In a welcoming, tasteful, eclectic, timeless way the varied media provides guests with a surprising, nuanced experience. Beginning with the entry vestibule, a moose trophy sets the stage; the upcoming lobby features work by fiber artist Matthew Larson, a text-based wall sculpture by the late Roland Bernier, an abstract, geometric landscape painting by Andrew Roberts-Gray, a hand-woven aluminum wall sculpture by Kinsey Zaire, and a sumptuous black and white photograph by Cole Thompson. Nine Francois’ playful photographic portraits of a deer and grizzly bear greet guests in each elevator. Outside the ballroom, Joel Swanson’s massive mural, Sincerely, creates an elegant yet human touch while Collin Parson’s mirrored acrylic work plays with geometry, light, and reflection. NINE dot ARTS developed a unique program for the elevator lobbies and guest corridors with no repetition in artists or artworks from Jodie Roth Cooper’s steel, hollow-form sculptures in the lower level to Whitney Van Cleave’s mixed media collages to Paul Michel’s illustrative cards. In the guestrooms, NINE dot ARTS worked with emerging artists Kinsey Zaire, Erika Astrid, and Morgan Rachel Levy to create over-sized photographic works above the headboards, Metropolitan State University students Xavian Lahey and Alex Page to create original drawings for the bar area, and husband-and-wife artist team Franky and Annie Scaglione for limited-edition prints of their vintage camera watercolor paintings in the bathrooms. Each guestroom also features at least two found objects including vintage brass animal figurines, Brownie cameras, and long horns. In the Presidential Suite, NINE dot ARTS placed Heidi Jung’s unusually-shaped Redirection and Gemma Bayly’s mandala-inspired works. On the second floor exterior, NINE dot ARTS worked with Katy Casper Gervargis to create a snowflake-inspired mural. The art program positions Halcyon not only as the first boutique hotel of its kind in Cherry Creek but also as a supporter of progressive, contemporary, Colorado art.

Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
NINE dot ARTS bridges the gap between arts and business. We are an award-winning art advisory firm known for its curatorial creativity, management of large-scale multi-phase projects and forward-thinking vision. With knowledge and experience we curate inspiring art collections that show beauty, creativity, and purpose.
NINE dot ARTS® uses the power of original art to transform ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences.