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Once home to the Windsor Dairy, the Dairy Block is a unique micro-district in Denver’s historic Lower Downtown neighborhood. As part of the mixed-use redevelopment with The Maven Hotel and activated alleyway, the office space continues the Dairy Block’s immersive, dynamic experience. The showcase artwork for the offices, Diego Rodriguez-Warner’s Untitled, positions the building as one of the most progressive corporate spaces with its depiction of art historical references as varied as Picasso, Matisse, Klimt, Otto Dix, Max Beckman, Stanley L. Wood, and Tintin. Playing with perspective, the work appears to change from different vantage points, paradoxically receding and expanding simultaneously due to its carved surface and trompe l’oeil techniques. The scale and complexity of the work invites repeated study while the myriad artistic methods (relief carving, brushwork, spray paint) entice the viewer with craftsmanship and quality. The office elevators feature three large-scale works by Michael Dowling painted directly onto the steel surface of each cab. NINE dot ARTS developed this unique treatment for the elevators in response to weight limitations, surface restrictions and fire codes. Inspired by historic photographs from the Windsor Dairy’s heyday, the cabs feature a milk man, cowboy and Sam Bass, a businessman who became an outlaw then a Texas Ranger. Gifford Ewing’s silver print, Bronco Buster, in the elevator lobby harkens back to the city’s Western roots while Jill Hadley Hooper’s Eclipse references the wood planks of a dairy farm barn. NINE dot ARTS toyed with gender in the restrooms, putting Gary Emrich’s playful Cowboy with Deep Rock Water in the women’s restroom and Molly Brown with Arrowhead in the men’s restroom. Curated with a touch of humor, the art collection at the Dairy Block office space revels in a creative commingling of past and present.

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