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Mary Chomenko Hinckley
Art & Wall Decor by Mary Chomenko Hinckley seen at The Paramount Hotel, Portland, OR, Portland - ““Birds in Morocco and Geometry””

““Birds in Morocco and Geometry””

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Mary Chomenko Hinckley’s “Birds in Morocco and Geometry” (fused glass panels; each 17″ x 20″; 2012) is a series of six panels featuring birds, silhouetted in Moroccan tile patterns and Ellsworth Kelly geometry. The work becomes a symbol of nature and culture coexisting and swapping places through pattern, shape and color.
Art Consultant: Tessa Papas

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Mary Chomenko Hinckley

Meet the Creator

Mary Chomenko Hinckley is a sculptor, glassworker and picture maker. Monotypes, photographs, paintings, cast paper, bronze and resin have all been employed in making images and objects in her studio life over the past 40 years. Recently, glass has proved to be an intriguing, tangible, malleable material with an inherently rich color palette. The transformation of glass through cutting, crushing, melting, and fusing, creates new and enthralling visual relationships. Hinckley employs whatever medium necessary to resolve the tension and cohabitation between culture and the natural world.
Represented by Augen Gallery, Portland, OR

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