Art & Wall Decor by Blind Creek Craft Co. seen at Creator's Studio, Fort St. John - Barn Quilt
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Item Barn Quilt
As seen in Creator's Studio, Fort St. John, Canada

Barn Quilt

Art by Blind Creek Craft Co., as seen in Creator's Studio, Fort St. John, Canada

Starts at US$225

Custom options available, ask the creator for customization.
Creation time: 3-4 weeks
Item Details
24"x24" Wood Reclaimed Barn Quilt with paper inlay

Meet the Creator

Blind Creek Craft Co.

Fort St. John, Canada

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Blind Creek Craft Co. was born in 2019 in my fathers workshop. After he passed away my husband and I bought my parents place. My dad loved to woodwork, and had a love for all tools. I started to build items simply for my own enjoyment, it then turned into making products and items for my friends. I wanted to make products that were unique to the market, something that not everyone is making, this is what has driven Blind Creek Craft Co. to produce the art that I am currently making. Unique and one of a kind reclaimed mountain art, barn quilts and geometric/mosaic art.

The name Blind Creek came from a creek that is in the Yukon, Canada. When we were kids we lived in the Yukon and our family owned Sled Dogs, our kennel was on a Rd. named Blind Creek, which also had a creek with the same name on it. My father had named our kennel and property Blind Creek Kennels. The name is to honor him and his memory and to continue to make my art that makes my heart happy.

Available for commission/custom work