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Architecture by Déco seen at Private Residence, Castelfranco Veneto - Twix® redefines the frontiers of contemporary living.
Architecture by Déco seen at Private Residence, Castelfranco Veneto - Twix® redefines the frontiers of contemporary living.
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Twix® redefines the frontiers of contemporary living.

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The transformation of the cities according to the new housing trends is a challenge that, in many cases, aims to combine a contemporary language, both functional and aesthetic, with the territory. A challenge that is won not only on a structural level but also with the careful choice of materials and finishes, which define the character of the buildings.

This is what happened in Castelfranco Veneto, in the Northern Italy, for the construction of a new residential complex: the client intended to create an iconic architecture for the place, different from the surrounding buildings for its design and using of durable and low-maintenance materials.
The solution proposed by the architect Andrea Fantinato, in charge of the project, is a linear and essential but at the same time dynamic structure due to the interlocking of volumes, green balconies and the alternation of finishes, choosing resistant and cutting-edge materials.
Among these, we note the Twix® cladding system with slatted effect which, as the architect declares: “with its shape and its pluses, it is able to define and characterize the project in the best possible way”.
Used to cover 120sqm of façade, Twix® is even more evident thanks to LED light blades inserted in the walls that give further prominence to the material and architecture of the building, even at night.

In addition, continues the architect Fantinato, the product "proved to be easy to install and flexible during the installation phases" and, for the years to come, it will allow to satisfy the demand for durability and low maintenance: Twix in fact combines the advantages of the new generation UltraShield® by Déco composite wood (patented technology and registered trademark by the company) with the warmth of a natural wood product. It guarantees high performance including seamless installation even with 90° edges and maintaining a perfect symmetry of the elements over time.
The special plastic shield extruded together with the internal product mix of UltraShield® by Déco protects the modular panel making it durable, without any alteration of color over the years, with an incomparable resistance to scratches and stains, resistant up to 25 years after installation, without the need of maintenance. Finally, in line with the company's philosophy, the proposals in UltraShield® by Déco are eco-sustainable, 100% recyclable.

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Déco was founded in 2010 in Bergamo (close to Milan, Italy) positioning itself as a unique reality in Italy: a company specialized in the market of applications in durable natural wood and outdoor composite wood.

The Déco project is immediately successful: the company constantly sees its turnover grow, quickly establishing itself in both the Italian and international markets. In November 2018, following a research carried out by Il Sole 24 Ore and Statista, it is included, thanks to an average growth rate of 52.49%, in 160th place among 350 small Italian companies, leaders of growth in the years 2014- 2017. In 2019, the Financial Times reported it at 689th place among European companies that achieved the highest percentage growth between 2012 and 2015.

At the beginning of 2019, the company reached another important milestone with the transformation from Srl to SpA. A focal point, confirming the solid growth and continuous evolution.

Also thanks to this development Déco, since September 2017, has moved its headquarters in a modern factory of 8000 sm where there is a large warehouse for the stock of products, one of the main strengths of the company. The internal staff increases by 25% a year and the new offices allow to respond with maximum efficiency and speed to all requests.

In 2018, the company expanded its field of expertise by presenting its first outdoor furniture line, consisting of the Eleven and Makemake collections, designed by studioPANG, for a 360° offer dedicated to the outside.
With the increase in the furnishing solutions and their market, in 2019, Déco presents Terraforma, its new brand that brings together all the outdoor furniture collections.

In March 2019, on the occasion of Made Expo fair, Déco presents the expansion of its corporate asset: no longer the protagonist only of the outdoor world but also a trend-setter in the indoor. From this moment on, architects and interior designers have a completely renewed range of products able to offer continuous solutions between in and out.
The company also presents Clap! its first covering system exclusively for interiors: a cutting-edge product, made of SPC (Stone Polymer Composite), a revolutionary technology applied to indoor vinyl.

The common thread is now continuity, increasingly sought after in projects for a pleasant visual coherence between the external and internal environment. Today the Déco outdoor is the natural continuation of the interior, and vice versa: continuous walls that pass through the windows, floors and false ceilings that are born inside the houses to continue towards the outside. The products open up to multiple opportunities for use, recount spaces in a global project of aesthetic and functional continuity, which can be assimilated in various contexts: residential, receptive, commercial.

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