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Arnout Meijer Studio
Architecture by Arnout Meijer Studio at 18 Septemberplein, Eindhoven - One Point Perspective Facade
Image credit: Eva Bloem

One Point Perspective Facade - Architecture

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In close collaboration with UNStudio, ABT and SI-X, Arnout Meijer Studio developed a permanent light installation at the 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven. Four glass windows, suspend on the facade of the building, capture light patterns that seem to float in mid-air, subtly changing depending on the time of the day and the movement of passers-by.

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Arnout Meijer Studio
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Design studio focused on light and perception

Arnout Meijer’s work explores the physicality and philosophy of perception. What we see is a presentation based on experience rather than an actual representation of the world derived from analyses of images. In visual perception optical illusions are therefore not merely sensorial exceptions, our personal internal bio-vision precisely shape the reality as we see it. For him the sensory distinction between the Self and the Other has similarities with our socio-political perspective. In his work Meijer tries to question these systems that control our view on the world around us.