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Boho Pillows

Boho pillows – or bohemian pillows – are the perfect touch to add to any beach house, nautical-inspired interior, laid back cabin or anything in between. Boho pillows often play on neutral or light color palettes and can be made up of all kinds of materials… jute, cotton, metallic, linen, you name it. Explore our collection below!

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Perfect for your meditation corner, decorative pillow collection or the empty spot on your couch, boho pillows are the casual and calm design find that will center your space. Creators have gotten quite adventurous with their boho pillow designs, creating hand-stitched geometric patterns, cotton knots, textural weaving constructions and woven jute designs.

Deciding which color, pattern, shape and texture of your next boho pillow can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Boho pillows are ideal for mixing and matching — pair a plain jute pillow with a handwoven geometric pillow and you’ve got the perfect match. If you are more of a minimalist and don’t truly love busy patterns, you can mix a light-colored cotton pillow with a tan pillow and you will still create that bohemian feel you were looking for.

Texture is also important when deciding which boho pillow to go for. If you want a decorative pillow that you won’t be leaning against as much, opt for a jute pillow or a rattan pillow. These are sometimes a bit more rough and tough, so they’re great for visual pieces in your space. If you are planning on using your boho pillow every day or you have more sensitive skin, go for one of the organic cotton boho pillows or linen boho pillows.