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Natural Pendant Lights

If your interior style is more on the organic neutral side, natural pendant lights are the way to go. Leaning towards an earthy palette, we’ve compiled all of our handmade natural pendant lights so you can choose the perfect one to complement your space.

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Natural pendant lights come in all shapes, sizes, and especially materials! Our Wescover Creators have designed the most unique natural lighting designs with handmade techniques and locally sourced materials. The best part of natural pendant lighting is that it can often go with all interior styles.

Because natural pendant lights focus on neutral colors and materials, Wescover Creators have become creative with what they use when designing. In this list, you can find lighting made from mycelium, hemp, raffia, steel, gold plates, recycled cardboard, stoneware ceramic, and more.

The shape of a pendant light often deciphers how the glow of the light will hit a room, which is why it’s important to choose the right shape for your space! Need a smaller pendant for your tiny desk? Or a larger, wide light that illuminates your open dining room? Our Creators specialize in all shapes and sizes, and oftentimes can custom-shape your pendant light to fit your unique interior needs.