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Glass Pendant Lights

Delicate and always one-of-a-kind, blown glass pendants are made with melted glass, blown and inflated with blowpipes to create unique shapes and textures. Each blown glass pendant can be mounted on a variety of materials, all of which can be explored in this collection. With the distinctive shapes, colors, and sizes of each pendant light come an array of various luminosities and warmths!

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Blown glass is an art that has been around for centuries and has now evolved to include pendant lights! The graceful and refined nature of blown glass pendant lights are sure to add a luxurious touch to your indoors. Since these designs are each blown by individual Creators, no pendant light is exactly the same.

Mostly translucent depending on the color, blown glass pendant lights act as elegant additions to your interiors. With varying shapes and sizes, they can cater to all interior styles. Add a wine glass-inspired pendant to finish off the feel of your rustic home. Include hand painted, spherical pendants to your modern glam dining room. Better yet, incorporate a collection of geometric-inspired pendant lights into your organic modern kitchen.