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Exotic Handmade Live Edge Tables

Live edge table designers accentuate the beauty of nature— instead of hiding it. They leave the exterior edge of the tree uncut so you are left with one side that`s a completely natural "live edge". These unique live-edge tables are made by expert woodworkers who create every style from classic live-edge conference, dining, coffee, and side tables. Some Creators even enhanced their designs with epoxy resin or waterfall-style live-edge tables. Shop what they`ve created or reach out to commission your piece.

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Bring the outdoors indoors with a beautifully crafted live-edge table. There’s no better way to highlight a timber’s unique features and grain than by leaving an edge or even several edges raw.

Live or raw-edge timber designs feature one or more edges that have not been cut according to precise measurements or a set design. Instead, each piece of lumber in a live-edge table is crafted in a way that enhances the wood’s natural features. Raw-edge tables are often complemented with “rivers” of epoxy or glass running through the middle, while others are 100 percent timber.

While the final design may be rough around the edges (pun intended), the finishing is not. Each live-edge table in Wescover’s selection is finished to the highest standards and varnished or oiled to perfection. Whether it’s elm, walnut, oak, or maple, you can find a live-edge table in a tone and shape that’s perfect for your space.

All the raw-edge tables in Wescover’s collection are one-offs, so no one else will have exactly the same table. And each is made by furniture designers who treat each table as a piece of art, pouring plenty of time and care into the construction. Bring your dining area to life with a unique or custom-made live-edge table.