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Dining Tables

The dining table is the piece of furniture that brings everyone together, so it’s important to choose one that fits your styling and sizing needs! Whether it’s for just you and your partner or for a bigger group of friends and family, we’ve curated a collection of dining tables made by our top independent Creators.

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Tinella Wood
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Gül Natural Furniture

Your dining table is the piece of furniture where the eyes go first in a dining room! Choosing a piece that sets the mood for this space is essential when picking out your dining table. This statement piece can be toned down yet elegant, or it can be bold and vibrant.

The shape of a dining table is important to think about when purchasing — how does it fit in with the rest of your furniture? Do you already have dining chairs you need to match them to? Dining tables come in all kinds of shapes… you can choose a more traditional and long rectangular table that fits your family and friends, a small circular table that is great for two to four people, or a heightened table that brings the eyes up.

Materials are also something to think about when picking your perfect dining table. Depending on the wear and tear that will happen, you can choose more durable materials like steel, hard oil wax, and wood. If your table isn’t going to go through too much batter, you can go for more hardwood or glass designs!