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Boston, MA

"The YOU ARE LOVED Mural Project works with businesses, schools, shelters, prisons, and more to create bold, confident, public murals that tell the world, YOU ARE LOVED."
Since 2014 the YOU ARE LOVED Mural Project, led by artist, Alex Cook, has created 65 murals in 12 states declaring these 5 messages: YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE NEEDED, YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and YOU CAN DO IT. The project grew out of a deep sense that these messages can heal, and a vision that public art was the way to powerfully bring these messages to the public. I work with organizations of all kinds, often involving a community participation element in the creation of these murals. The process is friendly, warm, and deeply creative.
Alex Cook has been painting murals since 1997. He has created over 190 murals in 18 states and 4 countries. The YOU ARE LOVED project grows out of his understanding that art can help heal individuals and society in ways that other things can’t.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I avoid making preliminary sketches if I can. I love to make my art on the spot. I make my best work when I am improvising, moving in real time, and adapting to the space when I'm in it. It's a wonderful feeling to work "without a net" so to speak. Invariably the work comes out better and more alive."

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