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Yehiel Attias

Strasbourg, France

Born in 1993 in Paris, Yehiel Attias self-taught painter has devoted himself to drawing since his childhood. He tries his hand at different mediums and techniques, pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, but his ever-growing search for the exploration of colors leads him to discover oil painting which has never left him.

He finds inspiration in the world around him, nature, the street, the people he meets, a simple reflection of light on the body of a car can be the starting point for a new work.

It represents life and subjects not as they are but as he perceives them, in perpetual motion full of light and colors.

​For Yehiel Attias, a work is a window open to another world, the imaginary world of the artist. The magic of the canvas serves as a passage in his vision; a work is only complete if it mixes realism and abstraction with balance.

He plays with subtlety between different black and white and color monochrome contrast in order to bring out the light and focus attention on the subject and thus make it alive.
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