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Wenqin CHEN

Xiamen, China

"Everything has life, life is everywhere."
In analyzing the life body with its infinite possibilities, Wenqin Chen’s subject of enquiry emerged. Of equal importance, he is passionate about the dialog created between the positive and negative spaces that surround his work. As a way of expressing “the energy of space,” he emphasizes the momentum of the object to symbolize life’s release or “birth,” while extending the implied energy field to its largest range. Let the space breathe and shuttle around the body of the work.

To further explore this event, Wenqin Chen is capturing it visually in two-dimensional works. Painting brings rich emotion and vitality to the canvas. These arcs and lines of simplicity expressed are not pre-designed. They are a visual representation through the process of comprehending and elaborating on the vastness of life.
Wescover creator since 2019

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