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Wallenfang Custom Woodwork

Green Lake, WI

"fine quality, hand built, custom and studio furniture and cabinetry since 1990"
Craftsman and designer Nolan Wallenfang, has been building solid wood handmade furniture and cabinetry professionally since 1983.
Educated in fine art, design and furniture production. He has been operating Wallenfang Custom Woodwork since 1990.

A designer, cabinetmaker and furniture builder creating beauty, integrity and lasting quality with wood, focused on a finished product that leaves nothing to want.
We build the kinds of things that people will have for the rest of their lives and will be a joy for generations to come. Working with Homeowners, Business owners, Architects, Interior Designers and Building contractors, we can build you anything you can imagine and lots that you can't imagine.

Fine quality, defined by the use of superior lumber, traditional joinery methods, meticulous fit and modern, environmentally responsible finishes are benchmarks that Wallenfang Custom Woodwork strives to use in all we build.
Wescover creator since 2020

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