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London, United Kingdom

"There is no must in art because art is fee. by Wassily Kandinsky"
Ever since I opened my eyes to this world, I have been on a flight. A flight, that has been enthralled by life experiences & in-search….of that, which is yet to reveal itself.

On this fascinating flight, I have always been particularly mesmerized by the wordless language of colors. I have always been intrigued as to how effortlessly colors communicate, that every language in existence falls significantly short off. Its needless to say, I feel blessed to have been immersed in the world of colors, free willed imagination & art.

For my graduation, I choose to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts & specialized in Fine Arts stream. As an artist I believe, this world exists in uniformity and in a very strange & an ironic way presents infinite, random, changeable faces of nature that surrounds us. My current work is inspired by this very aspect of our existence i.e. to take an in-depth dive exploring the changeless that has infinite faces.

In the moment & intuitive brush strokes, chaotic, bold, free-willed, expression of imagination are few words that come to mind representing my work style. I experiment with various mediums and techniques. I create my best work when I am fully engrossed, covered fully in paint with my dancing shoes on!!

..….I desperately dream of the day of my finest creation, the very best I could paint. But again in a very strange & an ironic way, desperately wish that day never arrives……

…. The Journey Continues….
Wescover creator since 2021

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