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Tori Swanson

Vancouver, Canada

Hi, I’m Tori Swanson, and I’m an intuitive artist. I work with collectors all over the world, in one year alone I sold 450 + bodies of original artwork.
My journey started as a teenager, where I struggled heavily with anorexia and bulimia. I found comfort in escapism, and so I ran so far away from my “problems” in substance, toxic relationships, and self destruction. This drive to destruct took me around the world until I settled in New York City, living my so called “dream life”.

That dream life was filled with angst, sadness, loneliness, fear, and shadow. It was the scariest moment of my life, because I was so far from who I was. I craved presence in a brain full of rhetoric dark conversations, love in abusive relationships, and gratitude in a place where I always wanted more. I was living a superficial and unfulfilled life by just going through the motions, I wasn’t in my body but caught up in my mind. I didn’t think there was anything better out there for me and that this is what life was suppose to feel like.

This illness drove me home to restart my life. Art became my outlet where I could express myself when words could not describe how I was feeling. The canvas never judged me. I use to lock in my room, and suddenly awake after having somehow fallen asleep for hours. Consumed by the internal voice in my head, and the heavy weight of depression, art became my safe haven in an uncertain and somewhat “out of control” world around me. This was my spiritual awakening - I was being called to return home.

Years later and after placing art on the back burner of my life I decided to leave my successful career in the corporate world and I began to have a spiritual re-awakening. As a psychic child, with a strong clairvoyant talent - I started to receive visions, knowings, and actually sightings of spirit right in front of me. This reoccurrence in my early to mid-twenties became common for me. I found myself fearful and unsure of why this was happening again. I finally sought out help, and discovered that this bombardment was a gift, I was being urged to share my psychic intuition with others. Since then, I’ve been devoted to growing my intuition and allowing it to guide my life. I allow this higher source to channel through me to create paintings, and drawings to express myself creatively as the purest way of connecting with the other side. It is my commitment and passion that you receive the feelings of love, gratitude, enlightenment when in connection with me and my work.

I'm passionate about experiencing an energy larger than myself, one that connects to all of humankind. When I paint, I focus on healing. Often times, I take the resistance or challenges in my life, and I use that as inspiration to create. That moment of presence and bliss I feel with my brush on canvas is transmuted into my artwork - into the physical realm. My hope is that others will experience that same divine energy I experienced when I created the piece of art. The transformation from angst to love and act as a beacon for others moving through their own human experience.
Wescover creator since 2020
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Squamish, Canada
Residential Project
Vancouver, Canada

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