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Tarek Benaoum - Street Murals and Public Art
Tarek Benaoum
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Tarek Benaoum

Paris, France

"Captivated by the vague graffiti, at the dawn of the nineties, Tarek manifests the need to express himself freely. Fourteen-year-old, with a spray of paint and markers in his hand, he devotes himself to this art under the pseudonym of "CLONE". Since then he has continued to explore this artistic movement by mixing graffiti and calligraphy.
As he explores this path he turns to calligraphy as a continuity inherent in his passion for Scripture (letter, lettering ...).

Tarek then puts his weapons to the test through Latin calligraphy courses (calligraphy, writing and typography). In addition, he receives the teachings of renowned teachers such as: Kitty SABATIER, Veronique SABARD, Hassan MASSOUDY while attending the Scriptorium of Toulouse Mr. Bernard ARIN, this training at the Scriptorium in Toulouse, for four years, allows him to explore other means of expression.
The painting of words here speaks and is a place "where it speaks".
Its playground: public places, city murals, hotel, restaurants, nightclubs ... all looking directly at each other; words of all and everyone (love, violence, experience, happiness, life, sex, music ...).
Fracture of words; sentences, quotations, texts, poems, aphorisms: a universe is emerging in new spaces.
Tarek explores an unconventional and innovative "semantic scramble". Indeed, his art highlights the dilution of time by a technique of entrenchment of letters and words, overlays, vertical stretching, horizontal: this undulatory flow.
In this way, its know-how transposes and transcends the codes of calligraphy revisited, inscribed and renewed.
His postulate: use scriptures, calligraphy and typography as a full-fledged decorative medium. Otherwise, artistically it allows him to push the limits of an academic vision."