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Milan, Italy

"The name SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* depicts the company’s determination to go above and beyond – transcending consumer expectations, propelling way into the future."
SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* has the vision to leave a footprint all over the globe with award-winning architecture that can be interpreted as the best representation of the times we live in. It wants to leave behind a legacy that will create a bridge between traditions of the past and upcoming trends of the future.
The architects and designers at SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* do this with an individualistic creative sense that makes use of a number of elements that help them to always find original solutions.

Being based in the cradle of World’s Renaissance and yet so sturdy projected into the future is not a contradiction to principal architect Andrea Sensoli: past and future are both abstract concepts that are left to be interpreted. Yet, the materialistic design will remain grounded in what can be objectively defined.
Highlighted by modern finishes and adorned with cultural elements; designs by SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* are a glance at what has been achieved and an insight into what we can become.

When it comes to style, the brains behind SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, Andrea Sensoli and his partners, use their preferred types like eclecticism to attain a holistic approach that contains numerous aspects of design instead of just one. At the same time, they refrain from abiding by the current trend and motif, by taking the Avant-garde route which is more expressive of their forward-thinking artistic mindset.
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