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Steven Anderson Art

Oakland, CA

"Providing quality art solutions for businesses of all sizes. Transforming both interior and exterior wall space with exciting art"
Steven Anderson is an artist living and working out of Oakland, CA., and has had a passion for drawing since childhood. He has recently taken a large interest in murals, portrait painting, charcoal portraits, abstract art, and recently, digital arts. Steven draws inspiration from the process itself; whether it be putting color on the canvas and letting the piece take its own direction, or working from a static image and developing the detail to bring it to life and give it it's own character. Steven is a student of the craft and enjoys studying the works of emerging artists, and how they are experimenting with imagination and technique.
Wescover creator since 2019
Projects Portfolio
Residential Project
Oakland, CA
Street Art
Oakland, CA
Rockridge Two Wheels
Berkeley, CA

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