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Steve Tate

Dallas, TX

"Tate ~ American Abstract Artist"

An American

A Relationship of Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions on Canvas

Tate works out of the United States, Monte Carlo and France, selling his art internationally. He has over 20 years of experience working with paints and applications. He has been recognized by the COMITE NATIONAL MONEGASQUE OF MONTECARLO AS A PROFESSIONAL INTERNATIONAL ARTIST. The resume history of many solo/group shows, along with interviews and videos is just a mere glimpse into his accomplished narration. His paintings hang in some of the finest homes in the world.

His work is described as “one of a kind,” “like no other,” “magical, mystical, and spiritual.” He is well known for writing romanticisms from the heart about each piece, quoting “ the colors, the movement the texture is an expressions from my very soul.

My process is a fusion of spirituality and energy, delivering the truth through surrealism, and explosiveness. From manipulating the composition of the paint and using the ambient temperature - humidity, I allow the painting to become what it was meant to be.

Looking at my art is like looking at a spider web or the night skies. Every square inch is different. It begs you to look closer, to touch it.

It is intended to be thought provoking and mood altering. When I paint, I see that the possibilities are as endless as the magnitude of the eternal expansiveness of the art itself. I look beyond everything I’ve been taught or believed, to be able to see reality in a completely different way, with no beginnings and no ends. They are? A pure experimental accident with some luck, some finesse and a lot of gratitude.

It has taken me a lifetime to find something that is uniquely me, I am he that sees me!

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