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Stacey Warnix Studio

Stacey Warnix Studio

Dallas, TX

"Chasing texture"
Stacey Warnix is an American gestural abstraction painter, who works mainly with acrylics and inks overtop wide-ranging, often unprimed grounds. A self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist and control freak, Warnix paints to escape a world of precision, finding respite in abstract forms, textures, and tones. Warnix approaches each new painting with fluidity, starting with seldom more than a loosely defined concept or color-scheme. She puts liquified paints to ground with initial abandon, spontaneously moving and shifting the pigments with large strokes and gravitational manipulations. Warnix embraces the vague process, working in countless translucent layers, until she reaches a divergent decision point: whether to leave the painting in its most abstract, nonrepresentational form, leaving the viewer to experience and interpret the painting in his or her unique way, or to loosely shape the layers to suggest a finished form or concept.

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