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Stacey Warnix Studio

Central, TX

"Chasing color"
Stacey Warnix is an American lyrical abstraction painter who uses gestural methods to layer mixed media pigments and collage over raw textile grounds. She paints to escape a world of precision, finding respite in abstract forms, textures, and tones.

Introduced to painting by an artist grandmother before she was old enough to attend school, Stacey created paintings and collages throughout her childhood, winning frequent awards, but ultimately pursued a professional career in law and finance. In 2014, she left that career to pursue an interior design side-hustle on a full-time basis, and she eventually started painting large scale abstract artworks for use in projects. Within weeks of posting a few paintings to social media, Stacey was invited to sell artworks in an upscale home décor boutique, and from that unplanned, very unintentional start, her art practice quickly grew.

Interspersing paint and collage layers over raw, nubby textile grounds, Warnix’s paintings feature gritty, tactile imperfections that meld into subtle tonal variations and ethereal obscurity when viewed from a distance.

Embracing a vague process, Warnix approaches every artwork with flexibility and fluidity, starting with little more than a loosely defined concept or color scheme. She relies on intuition and happenstance to shape the ultimate composition and employs emotive, gestural painting methods to intentionally silence her perfectionist, detail-oriented tendencies.

In 2021, Stacey was designated a Spotlight Artist for the Red Dot Miami art show during Miami Art Week.
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