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Stacey Warnix Studio

Central, TX

"Chasing color"
Stacey Warnix is an American lyrical abstraction painter who uses gestural methods to render large-scale, non-representational paintings over raw textile. Her paintings explore the experiential affect of nuanced color and scale, using layers of disparate translucency and contrasting textures to subtly shift the perception, light reflectivity, and luminosity of her landscape-inspired color fields.

Introduced to representational oil painting by an artist grandmother, Stacey created paintings and collages throughout her school years, winning frequent awards, but ultimately pursued a professional career in law and finance. She lived and worked professionally in California and London before settling in Texas, where she started painting again.

Stacey experimented with gestural abstraction and became enamored with the process as a meditative escape. Today, she paints to escape a world of precision, finding respite in abstract forms, textures, and tones. Stacey’s paintings feature nuanced layers of mixed media pigments interspersed with collage. Her years in residence along the California coastline made an indelible impression and that influence shows throughout her body of work, with marked visual references to time-worn, hazy memories of light-filled coastal vistas.



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