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Sarah Boyts Yoder

Sarah Boyts Yoder

Charlottesville, VA

"'The days you work are the best days' GEORGIA O'KEEFEE"
Sarah Boyts Yoder is a mixed media painter based in Charlottesville, VA. She received an MFA in painting from James Madison University in 2006. Boyts Yoder's work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions throughout the United States including the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Her work has been included in Fresh Paint Magazine (#10), Studio Visit Magazine (#13) and FOA (Friend of the Artist, Issue #5). In 2014 she was awarded a professional fellowship in painting from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Sarah has twice been a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (2013, 2014). She was awarded a residency at 100W Corsicana in June of 2017 and 2018. Sarah was also a finalist for the Bethesda Painting Awards (2018).

Boyts Yoder uses cartoonish iconography, occasional text, and collage materials simultaneously, creating a complex and textured painterly surface. Situated squarely in the realm of painterly abstraction, her works demonstrate the creative process as both content and journey. Listening becomes as important as doing, the viewer is invited in as interpreter, and the resulting images are playfully open-ended.

A multitude of associations and experiences springs from these images. A trove of possible meanings explores the imagination’s
capabilities, questions what painting can be, dreams of the unseen and illuminates the potential for human connection that exists in
these questions.

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