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Sara Schoenberger

Brooklyn, NY

"Sculptor and designer exploring the boundary between spirituality and functionality"
Sara Schoenberger is a Brooklyn-based sculptor and designer. She earned her BFA at Carnegie Mellon University in sculpture and installation art and has worked for over seven years for some of New York’s most prestigious lighting design firms.

Sara’s approach to lighting and product design is largely guided by her intense curiosity. The first stage often involves a desire to push the limits of a given material and detailed research into ancient, often forgotten objects. Objects that interest her most are those whose function in daily life falls squarely between the spiritual and practical.

While her work is inspired by the past, the next stage of her process is to ensure that a product is engineered to exceed the needs of its user and minimize impact on the environment. Having spent some time as a freelance metalworker and machinist, her more technical side and obsession with detail comes into play.

Ultimately though, her goal is to create objects that go beyond mere aesthetic beauty. By investigating objects from the past, and the inherent values they represent, she seeks to uncover what it is about our daily rituals and material surroundings that most fulfills and inspires us.
Wescover creator since 2021
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Brooklyn, NY

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