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Sara Rossi

Milan, Italy

Sara Rossi (Milan, 1970). Lives and works in Milan.

Through the use of video and photography he works on the landscape as a space of nature and as a stage for history: events, culture and human traditions. Sara alternates a lyrical look attentive to the impermanence of lights and colors to a meticulous search for fragments left by the ages in the places with which she reconstructs real stories in images; narratives that somehow concern us that we recognize and feel familiar as memories deposited in the collective cultural imagination (Gaia Pasi, 2010).

His artistic research investigates the relationship between reality and imaginary with a particular interest in stories and true stories, for things found, coincidences, popular wisdom, and for images / world able to surprise or deceive in 3D.

Since 2009 he teaches languages ​​and audiovisual techniques at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo and Photography at the Cignaroli Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. He has exhibited in museums and contemporary art centers in Italy and abroad, he participated in the New York Prize residence at The Italian Academy of Columbia University of New York, where he made the Super-8 film The Hourglass (2003) and the artist's book Miele, Gli Ori Editore, 2005 and the Young Italian Art Award DARC-MAXXI, permanent collection, presented at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003 where he won the public prize with the double video installation Le Cocu Magnifique (2003) .
Since 1995 he has exhibited videos, photographs and installations in Italian and foreign museums and institutions such as: the Milan Triennale, Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, the Pistoletto Foundation in Biella, the Museion in Bolzano, the Palazzo delle Papesse of Siena, the Galleria d Arte Moderna of Turin, the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation of Turin, the 7th Biennial of Lyon, the MAMbo of Bologna, Manifesta 7 in Bolzano, the MACRO of Rome, the 4th Biennale of Prague, the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art in Monfalcone, the MART Museum in Rovereto, the Pecci Museum in Prato and Milan, the Bi8 Biennale of the Chiasso image, ISR Swiss Institute in Rome and Milan, the Maison Particuli re, Brussels.
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