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Sara Pittman Studio

Atlanta, GA

"Spontaneity runs through the core of American painter Sara Pittman’s practice. Symphonic pigments balanced against handsome backgrounds echo personalized sentiments affected by light, color and space."
Sara Pittman is an abstract expressionist painter who always found art to be an intrinsic part of her being. Pittman received her BFA from Huntingdon College in 2015, moving to Charleston shortly after to begin her pursuit into the art world. Now in Atlanta, Ga, Pittman finds there to be both possibility and challenge in her current body of work. Possibilities lie within her subconscious as she approaches a canvas. Although there are answers to her work through the viewer's perspective, the challenge is that there are no final conclusions. Deliberate mark-making, passive and aggressive gestures, layers and layers of paint poured and brushed, the quick jet of spray paint, and the definition of shapes all make up a complex system for her to excavate. A wordless narrative forms, revealing the history of Pittman's thought process and emotions through dense layers. Her work at first glance is ethereal, but upon greater study the paintings reveal a more mysterious undertone with a complexity of techniques. Pittman paints in the hope of creating a moment of pause for the beholder, an invitation to a world that beckons deeper observation and experience.
Pittman's work can be found in galleries, as well as collections and publications both nationally and internationally.
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