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S Nakamura Studio, LLC

Seattle, WA

"Discovering the Forms Within"
How an artwork responds to natural light and shadow, its color, shape and scale in relationship to surrounding elements, its textural details with which viewers may interact, and its interaction with architectural features, are elements which I take into consideration. I take inspiration from the project’s community and design team, and often incorporate poetic phrases, literature, proverbs, math, science, and cultural or historical influences, for example, to create a site-relevant visual statement. I work on the premise that a successful project allows for a working relationship to happen between artist and site stakeholders. While most of my exterior work employs materials suitable for the exposure it receives, I prefer fabricated and carved wood and mixed-media for interior projects. Over time my style has evolved from strictly representational to a more stylized and expressive approach which searches out the shape and structure of the subject, and this has continued into my work today.

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