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Robin Hiers

San Clemente, CA

"I Paint Happy"
I’m Robin and I’m living the dream life I knew I would be living even as a child. I wanted to paint art that would make a lot of people happy! Raised in the art community of Laguna Beach, I was exposed to the art life from day one. I was born to do this - and for me it’s easy. My inspiration comes from a slightly nostalgic look at life - inspired by pop culture, the beautiful life of the sixties, and my childhood. When you see my work, you’ll remember when you use to drive fast along the coast in a sports car with the top down, the scent of salt in your hair from a day at the sea - and Coppertone. I want you to feel young when you look at my art, to feel open hearted and slightly tipsy after one sip of champagne kind of happy. My art is a feeling, and my happiness comes from connecting with my kindred spirit tribe of happy fun loving people! I now devote my entire life to my many artistic pursuits. After raising 3 amazing children I now have the time to paint for charity, commissions, and special events. My art career has given me so much joy and the best part is hearing from clients who tell me how happy it makes them.
In 2013 I moved back to Orange County, California and was inspired by the fun loving lifestyle. Most of my painting include glitter, pink, happy women, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, the ocean, boating, or other forms of fun and fashion.
Wescover creator since 2019

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