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Richard Shemtov - Chairs and Furniture
Richard Shemtov
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Richard Shemtov

New York, NY

In 1990, Richard Shemtov graduated Parson School of Design
Shemtov’s interest shifted to furniture by 1996 when he opened Dune, a small furniture production facility in Red Hook Brooklyn with the intention of designing and manufacturing small production runs of furniture.

Over the last several years, Richard Shemtov and Dune have meteorically risen to become one of the most influential contemporary design studios and manufacturers in the world. Shemtov has introduced a new level of daring, innovation, and quality to contemporary furniture design. Blending an emphasis on functionality with a keen perception of changes in technology and culture, he remains open to taking th risk and driving change. “It’s a new lifestyle we’re proposing.” Since its inception, Dune has offered over 100 new groundbreaking pieces, many designed by Shemtov himself. A blend of intrepid entrepreneurialism, a deep respect for time-tested design principles, a discerning eye for craft and quality, and constantly changing sources of inspiration keep Richard Shemtov at the forefront of design today.