Relativity Textiles

Chicago, IL

"Hand screen printed luxury wallpaper for residential and commercial spaces."
Custom wallpaper drawn by artist Erin Minckley. Relativity Textiles offers unique wallpapers inspired by the history of global cloth. #Bringtheworldhome **New!** Murals, ask me more.

All About The Luxury, Global Wallpaper


What is your favorite material to work with?

"As an artist, I prefer to work with drawing, first. I have always had a strong skill for 2 Dimensional materiality. When it comes to 3D I am pretty helpless. Clay is not a favorite; materials like cement or stone or glass or metal are way beyond my scope of talent and I admire people who use them but don't venture that direction very often."
Relativity TextilesRelativity Textiles

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