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R L Foote Design Studio

R L Foote Design Studio

Melbourne, Australia

"Bringing Art to the Table"
We are a Melbourne, Australia based design studio creating some of the most unique and contemporary ceramic flatware that reimagine how food is served and eaten, beautiful tactile interior design objects and Food Art experiences.

We think not only about the physical elements of the space, flatware, tables, seats but also the ephemeral experience that runs alongside these objects. Imagining how the food and drink are served, eaten, played with, we conceptualize new food forms, textures, tastes, cultural influences and their effect on the dining experience.

We meticulously create everything in our Hawthorn East studio workshop.

The studio’s founder is an Installation Artist, Designer, Chef and Food Designer Ryan L Foote whose diverse background provides a unique source of knowledge and inspiration.

Working with restaurants, interior designers, and chefs R L Foote Design Studio can design and produce customized flatware, objects to clients’ specification.

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