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Cape Town, South Africa

Primrose Charmz

Business ethos
As a designer in support of holistic design, primrose's goal is to create design solutions that promote the well-being of the end-user and which strengthen the human connection with nature.


Primrose charmz (pty) ltd specializes in the creation of eco-friendly designer textiles & home-ware products catered toward the interior design industry.

Architecture/interior design

In 2014, primrose graduated with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies Degree (BAS) from Wits University. She subsequently spent 2 years in the pursuit of creative design opportunities which enabled her to travel nationally and gain work experience in both architectural and interior design firms alike.

Between 2016 - 2018, primrose worked as an architect - Ural technologist, gaining valuable interior design training with k/m2k - an award-winning multi-disciplinary design firm in Cape Town. Primrose also became an accredited interior professional with the green building council of South Africa (gbcsa), outside of office hours.

Hello! Surface design :)

As an individual obsessed with self-development, Primrose spent a vast portion of her free time in 2018 cultivating her artistic abilities. During this period of time, she had a serendipitous encounter whereby she came across an Instagram call for entries for the 2018 Nandos hot young designer pattern design competition. Primrose decided to enter.

Primrose subsequently went on to become a top 10 finalist: the competition led her to discover she had a natural affinity for pattern design. The mentorship received from Nandos & their design partners during the competition, ignited her enthusiasm to design '27'- her first surface design collection, during her free time.

The birth of entrepreneurship

Towards the end of 2018, Primrose decided to branch off from k/m2k as an independent to continue the pursuit of her personal career goals.

This decision led to a period of reflection and creative exploration which enabled her to gain clarity concerning the best niche within the world of design suited for her strengths & skill-set.

Due to her painstaking attention to detail, Primrose concluded design on a micro-level would suit her best: with the assistance of her sister, she subsequently used her '27' collection as an application to participate in the 2019 design indaba emerging creatives program. She was accepted.

The good news gave birth to ‘primrose charmz (pty) ltd'. Primrose subsequently was able to compile all the acquired knowledge and work experience gained over 4 years to establish her business model & strategy.

2019 and beyond:

With her enthusiasm and vision, primrose intends to build a reputation wherein her eco-friendly textiles & products are timeless & associated with luxury & only the finest quality. Primrose intends for her bespoke surface design solutions to also be associated with
excellence in design.
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