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Phil Stein

Fountain Hill, PA

“Born 1/12/66 in Whitehall, PA. USA, received private classical instruction in drawing and painting from age 12-17 and then again from 22-24. Starting in 1990 while working nights in various factories, I slowly built a corporate client base as a self-taught freelance photographer during the day. It took seven years to become completely self-employed. In 02' I began researching Chelsea NYC to create a process for fine arts application. After two years of development work from the first series was shown in February of 04.

My technique is continuously evolving. There are many influences that define this imagery from the fragmentation of online video feeds to the visual and musical sampling so prevalent in our media. Almost all of the content we are exposed to in audio, print and screen, is created through a program in layers. The layering is also the physical representation of String Theory's predicted dimensions, the current concept of the multiverse. Having been classically trained the Golden Section is often used as well as Fractal Geometry, which is more current and relevant to what is actually going on in nature.

This process is a collage of archival inkjet on a variety of papers and Duralar, laminated to a base of plexiglass. The layers of plexi are welded together.”
Wescover creator since 2017

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