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Peter Vial

Amsterdam, Netherlands

"'Watch from your gut, listen to your soul'"
’Watch from your gut, listen to your soul’ is the artistic vision of Peter Vial (1957). His starting point as a self-taught artist was a need to express his experience with social issues as well as personal development. In 2007 he started painting, but in 2010 he found the two-dimensional quality of painting too limiting and decided to explore the boundaries of mixed media techniques. He is now experimenting with new combinations of materials and techniques in three-dimensional works. It is in this period that he produced his first mosaic sculptures.

Vial produces three-dimensional and colourful works. He is inspired by De Stijl and uses geometrical constructions as a source of inspiration. A mosaic isn’t an end in itself, but a means to achieve a new kind of three-dimensionality. The artist is always looking for new constructions and forms. He first makes a rough design in aerated concrete. This material can be processed easily and the added outer layer is made of materials that are weatherproof, for his objects are intended to be part of the outdoors. He sees his work as scale models for architectural sculptures that may be expanded into life-size shapes. Vial assembles, disassembles and constructs as part of a creative process which he relates to self-reflection. The layers with which he covers his sculptures consist of mirrors, ceramics or glass. He also uses fragments of his own paintings, which he cuts up and recycles by attaching them to the underside of the cabochon cut glass. These are the building stones to help create extra depth in his mosaic art.
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