Peter N Van Giesen

Victoria, Canada

"Capturing Nature's Eternal Aura"
Above and beyond all else, I’m an artist. I have always known that creativity & inspiration are part of my life force. I discovered my artistic and business talents early in elementary school as I sold some of my first works of art at recess for snack money (yes I did get in trouble for it). After finishing high school in Ontario I completed a College degree in Religion and a University degree in Psychology. I was encouraged by my family to work in the church. I tried it for a few years but naturally gravitated away from the church into the business and charitable sectors. For most of my working life I have been a business owner or senior executive in business and non-profit sectors. At every phase of my life I took time to exercise my creativity. When I had a studio space, my creative expression flourished and when I had no such space my creativity was channeled into my other endeavors. In 2011 I have renewed my commitment to my visual art and sharing that particular gift with others. I have recieved a number of international awards of recognition and have been honoured to have artwork accepted into the permanent collection at Government House of British Columbia. After using oil based paint for many years I switched to acrylic paint in 1993 and currently it is the sole medium I use.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my talents with those interested and am pleased to have you consider joining me on my journey as a friend. I am blessed to be married to a lovely wife and to have two adult children. We live on Vancouver Island and love getting outdoors as often as possible.
Wescover creator since 2021

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