Paula Hartmann Design - Wall Hangings and Macrame Wall Hanging
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Paula Hartmann Design

Paula Hartmann Design

Toronto, Canada

"Handcrafted Paper and Straw Chandeliers For Your Home"
Paula Hartmann is a self-taught pajaki maker, crafter and pompom enthusiast currently working and living in Toronto, Canada.

Her love for mobiles, colours and installations brought her to study the art of pajaki making which originated in rural Poland in the mid 19th century. Pajaki (Polish for “spiders”) are light and whimsical chandeliers made out of paper and straw that start twirling in the slightest breeze and fill a room with pure magic.

In her home studio in Toronto, Paula creates different styles of mobiles and pompom art pieces. She is hired to create window installations for local businesses and you can also find her giving pajaki workshops in Canada and Germany to keep these beautiful craft traditions and techniques alive.

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