Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art

Toronto, Canada

"I paint the energy and vibration of color."
Contemporary artist Pamela Nielsen’s charismatic and charming personality, mixed with her avant-garde artistic style, has earned her unprecedented international recognition. In a short period of time she has been commissioned around the globe by private collectors plus numerous sectors in the business world, including Mexico, Canada, 22 pieces in the stunning Mira Hotel Hong Kong, 11 pieces in the DW Bistro in Las Vegas, Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, 15 pieces in iFreedom Direct in Salt Lake City, the Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah and recently 11 large pieces of tailored art to complement the $51million refurbishment at the Hilton Hotel San Francisco Union Square in California.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Pamela Nielsen is an artistic product of Italian – Hungarian heritage. Although she is a well-seasoned traveler, she currently lives with her family in Salt Lake City, Utah where she cultivates her artistic flair through her captivating and visually spectacular artwork.

Loving the arts of every kind, Pamela dabbled in pastels, calligraphy, cartoons, and even ventured into piano performance playing a concerto at the Spokane World's Fair. A natural performer she took up singing, as well as acting, appearing on various television commercials, TV series, voiceovers, and print work.

In 2003, while mixing her vocal CD, "i am free", a celebration of God's healing power in her life, she was inspired to capture that freedom by painting with acrylics on metals, Plexiglas, wood and other surfaces. Having never painted before and trusting the process, a new art form emerged and she developed her international brand PAMELA™ which also includes prints produced on fine art papers fused between Plexiglas as well as dye-infused metal imaging, and aluminum for outdoor pieces.

PAMELA™ contemporary art is the expression of passion, power, color, emotions and energy. Most of the colors, themes and titles of the originals and deZigns are inspired and connected to Chakras, the seven primary energy centers in the human body that receive, assimilate and distribute energy. Loving the Z in her maiden name Gerzeli, the new concept ‘ChakraZ™’ was born, and the use of Z continues to thread through all of the titles in the PAMELA™ brand.

As an artist, Pamela Nielsen continues to evolve with her PAMELA™ brand. Her amazing multi-scaled colorscapes offer a distinctive complement for residential homes, hotels, hospitals, airports, restaurants, luxury spas and more.

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