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Ostin Art

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Visual artist, Costin Cristian. Aurel Popp High School between 1994-1996, since 2004, established in Cluj-Napoca and a member of the Cluj-Napoca Association of Fine Artists since 2010. Plastic Art represents me, is another form of expression, another form of environmental play.
I work in the field of painting, drawing and modeling sculpture, most paintings are made in oil on canvas, but also in acrylic colors on canvas and wood. Painting works are made especially in colors of oil or acrylic on canvas, a few on wood, with complex themes, from landscape to composition. I prefer painting landscapes in a realistic way but also with accentuated or spaced coughs, not only landscapes but also abstract, figurative, non-figurative compositions. In the vast majority I prefer to work on large surfaces from 100 cm upwards, obviously there are also smaller works.
The exhibitions I participated are:
- The "Spring Colors" collective exhibition held on April 3, 2012 at the Octavian Goga Library in Cluj-Napoca,
- The "Work, sun and color" collective exhibition on Oct. 28, 2013, held at the Octavian Goga Library in Cluj-Napoca.
- Collective Exhibition in November 2015 at the Casino-Center of Urban Culture in Cluj-Napoca.
- The "Spring Festival" collective exhibition of 17 May 2018 at Diverta in Cluj-Napoca.
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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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