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Niki Schäfer Interior Design

Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

"We are designers who believe in capturing the positive psychology of the home"
Let our designers take your home on a design journey and bring you happiness, peacefulness, a place for order, meaning and somewhere to escape.
Wescover creator since 2019

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Niki Schäfer Interior Design, Our Design Process


Is there an essential mix of talents you need to create a space?

"There are many aspects to creating a space and you need a good mix of talents to do this well, firstly the ability to appreciate the context of the space - where and how it sits within the building, to understand how the room is going to be used and by whom, how much of the room can be changed (can we raise the roof, for example?)
For us, the client's lifestyle, background and uniqueness are all key. Being an interior designer is really part psychologist.
Then we move on to the more expected creative aspects - designing with colour, light, pattern and texture.
But without an understanding of structure, how things are built, the order in which things need to happen, the project can quickly become chaotic.
So it's a very delicate balance between understanding the environment, psychology, structural thinking, creative ideas and the very key ability to keep things moving while keeping all parties happy."
Niki Schäfer Interior DesignNiki Schäfer Interior Design

How did you discover Creators (designers, artists, makers, etc.) and keep your community growing?

"We build our community of designers, artists and clients with a key event which takes place every other year; the Henley House & Garden Show. Niki is the founder and director of the show which exhibits 65+ high end exhibitors from the interior and garden worlds.
We have demonstrations, speakers and fun community based aspects to draw in the crowds and entertain the town.
In between the shows, we attend larger shows in London, Paris and Stockholm and can always find inspiration in visiting houses, hotels and restaurants.
We post daily, tips and tricks on social media and write blogs, books and produce videos to inform homeowners and attract clients."
Niki Schäfer Interior DesignNiki Schäfer Interior Design

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