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Nike Schroeder Studio

Los Angeles, CA

"But despite that as well as her work’s salient qualities of sculpture and installation, what Schroeder accomplishes can be fundamentally understood as painting by another means."
Schroeder is born in Germany and now lives with her wife, 2 cats and 3 chickens in Echo Park, Los Angeles. She is represented by Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles, Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco and GudbergNerger Gallery in Hamburg Germany. She works on private and corporate commissions mostly drawn from a pair of the artist’s ongoing series — Convex/Concave and Fragments — both exploring formulas of abstraction that speak a Rothko/Martin language of chromatic conceptualism. Instead of by needle, these gradient staccato color-fields are composed by hanging multihued rayon threads from custom-made canvas panels. The rayon gossamer accrues in her bunchings enough weight to engage gravity and thus be held in vertical sway, affected not overmuch but quite poetically by the slightest breeze. Her structured canvas/panel armatures are tiered with terrace-like protrusions that hold rows of thread at different depths off the wall, generating physical space between hanging rows of thread, wherein ambient light may also be seen at play. Slight variations in the position of these anchoring tiers organize straight lines and chevrons, upwards and inverted, that set, like the armature of a loom, the colored lines upon their vectors. The undyed portions of thread, the empty space between tendrils, and the white wall behind all conspire in a not-quite-illusion to fulfill the boundaries of a conventional painted composition. The effect conveys simultaneously the sense of being created and the ruin of unraveling — of being, if you will, drawn and erased — by the same gesture
Wescover creator since 2018

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