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Nick Nortier

Grand Rapids, MI

Nick Nortier is a full time illustrator and mural painter but also enjoys woodworking, screen printing, performing spoken word poetry, and the overall process of making creative work. Growing up, his main interests were skating and drawing, two hobbies which would eventually merge into one. From skating, he learned to look at the environment in new and creative ways. He was always visualizing how to interact with a certain obstacle and how to use that to construct an overall composition that was both interesting and aesthetically pleasing. That method of thinking influenced his drawing style and how his work interacts with the area that it’s placed in. He believes the role of street art and murals is to interact with the environment in a way that flows with it and believes that art is for everybody and each piece lives a more full life if it is accessible to everyone.
Wescover creator since 2019

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